Donald Trump decided to charge 200 billion dollars to Chinese products

This $ 200 billion in Chinese imports would contribute to the 50 billion already taxed by Washington.

From our correspondent in Washington

A real trade war between Washington and Beijing seems imminent. According to the Bloomberg news agency, Donald Trump has decided to import about $ 200 billion in imports from China. However, the official announcement of these new sanctions would be delayed by a few days due to the difficulty of stopping a list of Chinese products whose price increase would not penalize too many US companies and consumers.

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Since July, $ 50 billion of Chinese imports have already been subject to an American surtax of 25%. Beijing immediately responded with equivalent sanctions. Rumors about additional measures come about as a result of Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin's attempt to reopen a direct dialogue with Beijing to prevent a trade war.

Unrelenting Trump

Economic and financial circles are of the opinion that the tariffs harm US consumers and importers, causing prices to rise and Chinese retaliatory measures to be taken immediately.

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Donald Trump is convinced that the markets are right. He notes that for months they forcefully sanction the stock market and the Chinese currency and not Wall Street or the dollar. He also believes that only strong sanctions can force China to change its unfair trade practices, open its markets and respect the intellectual property of American companies.