Eight climbers died in the Himalayas

Eight climbers died in the Himalayas

October 13, 2018 10:17 – REGNUM
Climbers from Nepal and South Korea died in the Himalayas when a snow avalanche came down, AFR reported on 13 October.

According to Vanchu Sherpa, manager of a trekking company in Nepal, who organized a walk, an avalanche collapsed as a result of a blizzard that overflowed the camp on Mount Gurdja Himal, on the south-facing slope of the 8-meter high Dhaulagiri in the west. Nepal.

Climbers were found in the tent and around it. A total of eight people found one of the climbers missing.

It is reported that people were waiting in a good weather camp to continue climbing.

A helicopter of rescue services has been sent to the area of ​​human death.

We will recall that it was reported earlier about the deaths of three Russian citizens who have broken a crack on the Sufrudzhu glacier in Karachay-Cherkessia. They climbed Mount Belaklay as part of a group of climbers.

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