Erotik-Messe in Berlin: Pornstar Stormy Daniels: Would be afraid to be a man in this time

Erotik-Messe in Berlin: Pornstar Stormy Daniels: Would be afraid to be a man in this time

With regard to the debate about sexual harassment and abuse, the American has taken a step in the right direction. Women are listened to and their voices are taken very seriously. However, according to her impression people forget that someone is innocent until proven otherwise.

Daniels could not decide on the election

With this sentence, Trump defended the controversial lawyer Brett Kavanaugh, who, despite allegations of abuse, ultimately sued the judge in the highest US court. A woman accuses Kavanaugh of trying to rape, which he vehemently denies. Pornstar Daniels said she does not refer to Kavanaugh and does not want to respond to the case.

Daniels – whose real name is Stephanie Clifford – claimed to have Sex with Trump in 2006. Trump wanted to keep the matter under the carpet with soft money. He denies the gender. Daniels has since published a book about this. When asked if she chose Trump, she answers no. She did not vote because she could not choose between the candidates.

Speaker of the erotic fair: Daniels is one of the top stars in America

The porn star, who Donald Trump explains, opened the erotic Venus in Berlin on Thursday. She visits Germany for the first time and stands in a striped knitted dress on the red carpet. Laughs in the camera for a moment. Daniels has a lot to tell. For example, how she accidentally married. Or why her breast implants were bigger than agreed. The doctor has just been filled until he liked it, she writes in her book.

Daniels is "one of the top stars in America, for more than 16 years," said spokesperson for the erotic fair, Walter Hasenclever. She is currently & # 39; s the world's best-known player in the industry. "Of course we want to take advantage of that."

Her breasts are called "thunder" and "lightning"

She also describes a difficult childhood. "The cockroaches were really disgusting," she says about her house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The father left, the mother was overwhelmed. Her bed sheets had almost never changed, she writes. Later, when she was nine, a neighbor woman abused her and her boyfriend. "What followed was two years of sexual violence."

As a young woman she starts in the strip club "Cinnamon" and earns $ 85 with the first two dances. Later they and her supporters with costumes go through America and make the first porn. She gets the head actress. For the author. To the director. As a woman, this is unusual in this industry. She has given her breasts the nickname: "Thunder" and "Lightning".

Daniels: breasts lead to much more tips

But it is also clear: Daniels has become known worldwide. "Everyone knows who I am, everyone tries to make photos, which is pretty overwhelming," she says on Thursday. You will also receive more orders today. Everybody wants to read is the stuff about Trump, "says Daniels, and many of the things that she had done before do not count anymore," and that is really frustrating. "She does not spend time with her horses, and would she like to make a horror movie if her life ever becomes normal again?" I hope so, but I'm not so optimistic that it will happen. "

In her book she mentions quite a lot of alleged details about the masculinity of Trump. In the meantime she apologized for it. Otherwise she does not seem to be someone who has much repentance. According to her book, she did not report that her breasts were larger than expected. "They have led to many more tips."

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