EuroJackpot: current winning numbers from 12 October 2018

EuroJackpot: current winning numbers from 12 October 2018

Current winning numbers from Friday 12 October 2018

5 of 50: 6 – 26 – 31 – 42 – 50

2 out of 10: 2 – 9

(Information without guarantee, source: – from: 12. October)

A woman from the Sindelfingen area has fired the Euro Jackpot and has won around 1.6 million euros. As Toto-Lotto announced on Saturday morning, the Tipperin Europe was the only one on Friday (September 14) with the winning numbers 24, 33, 35, 46 and 49 plus extra number 5. "Their tendency to high numbers was rewarded," said a spokesperson for Toto Lotto. Because the woman gave her a tip with a loyalty card, she is already familiar with Toto-Lotto.

For the maximum price of 19 million euros alone, the lucky miss of the second extra number 9. Since the jackpot was unaffected, at the next tie next Friday (September 21), about 28 million euros remained to be won. According to Toto-Lotto, the hit of Friday is the 13th million victory in Baden-Württemberg this year.

Euro Jackpot: five out of 50 and two out of ten numbers

Unlike the German Traditional game Lotto 6 out of 49 can play at Eurojackpot players 16 European countries play. To crack the jackpot, you have to 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 10 numbers typed correctly. the statistical probabilityTo create this, according to Westlotto 1 to 95 million – for the second prize at about 1 to 6 million. The record profit for a German informant is currently 58.7 million euros (December 2014, Hessen).

euro jackpot is a relatively new lottery and promises hot euro rains: ten million weekly, with a maximum of 90 million, 16 European countries, including Germany, offer a lottery substitute with significantly higher odds, a guaranteed weekly jackpot of ten million euros and a jackpot of 90 million – twice as high as the highest payout of "6 out of 49".

The player traverses five of the 50 numbers and two of the ten numbers per field, for a total of seven numbers, A game costs two euros, plus the processing costs. Those who have all seven numbers correctly can count on the main prize. In twelve win classes but also in smaller wins than in the eight in the classic lottery.

The lottery draws take place every Friday in Finland and are broadcast live on television. Unfortunately, live tracking of the Eurojackpot draw is not possible. There is no streaming of the draw on TV or on the internet.

So that all players can check that everything follows their usual and legitimate course at the draw, shortly after the draw a short video of the Eurojackpot draw will be released. The draw can be viewed afterwards on "Youtube". In Helsinki, every Friday at 7 pm local time, the figures are fortunate. Taking into account the time zones, the Euro Jackpot draw takes place at 9:00 PM German time.

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