Facebook admitted that 20 million exaggerated the number of hacked accounts

Facebook admitted that 20 million exaggerated the number of hacked accounts

NEW YORK, October 12. / Tass /. The social network Facebook has exaggerated the number of accounts that its users have recently hacked. This is stated in a statement released on Friday, vice president of the social network Guy Rosen.

"We found that fewer people were affected than we initially thought, of the 50 million people whose key-keys were stolen, according to our data, about 30 million such keys were stolen," Rosen admitted.

He recalled that the Facebook company launched an investigation after the "unusual jump of activity" on the social network, registered on September 14. "On September 25, we found that an attack had occurred and we discovered what the vulnerability was." After two days we restored the vulnerability, stopped the attack and secured the accounts of people, restored the tokens keys for [атакой] people, "- said the representative of the social network.

Two weeks ago, social network representatives reported that they detected a vulnerability that allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to about 50 million user accounts. Rosen then clarified that for the time being there is no clarity about how exactly the number of accounts that cyber criminals ultimately used and how. Facebook was worried that hackers would gain access to other user sources where it was used through the login of this social network.

Representatives of the social network ensured that the vulnerability had already been eliminated and that law enforcement authorities had been informed of the incident. Approximately 90 million users had to register again with Facebook accounts as a precaution.

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