Female Empowerment Fit For A Kingdom

Female Empowerment Fit For A Kingdom

In a time of transformation for Saudi Arabia, Majed M Al Tahan co-founder and CEO of Danube Online, and founder and CEO of AYM Commerce, reveals how strong the fast-growing e-commerce market in the kingdom is, and how Donau Online works to strengthen its female customers and employees.

How does the Saudi retail market go in the current environment? Is the market for e-commerce growing?

Although bricks and mortar still represent the majority of retail spending, the once-dominant position is increasingly threatened by an e-commerce revolution. The e-commerce, led by the titans of the industry, is capturing an increasing share of consumer spending.

As the global online retail market is expected to grow to an astounding $ 4 trillion by 2020, it is indisputable that there are significant opportunities for others to file a claim. According to a recent Morgan Stanley report published at the end of July 2018, online retail in the Middle East is ready to enter a phase of rapid growth. A high percentage of internet users already buy online articles, with an estimated 85% in the U.A.E. and with 49% in Saudi Arabia in 2017. However, the order amounts remain relatively small at the moment. Payment security and logistics remain important challenges that need to be overcome to stimulate further growth.


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