For this sad reason customers buy a donut shop every morning

For almost 30 years, the Donut City store has been an institute in Seal Beach, California. On the famous Pacific Coast Highway owner John Chhan has since sold his sweet creations here. John is popular with people. "He always has a smile on his face", the American channel CNN quotes an old customer. But the smile has given way to grief: John & # 39; s wife Stella is seriously ill. A brain aneurysm diagnosed in October turned Stella into a nursing home, previously indispensable in the store's bakery.

Stella now lives in the house – and John really does not have time to visit her. The company must continue, the bills must be paid. His sister-in-law helps at work. But the biggest help is loyal customers: they support John with their big hearts. Every morning they are at 4.30 for the store and buy the donut supplies empty. At 7.30 am the sweet cookies are sold out, the coffee pots empty empty.

Donut Shop owner: "I am very grateful"

"I am very grateful", says John Chhan in support of his fellow man who initially wanted to launch a crowdfunding campaign. But John, who had always worked hard for his lifelong dream, insisted that no gifts be accepted. So his customers came up with the idea to help him in his own way. So he has more time for his sick wife. Charity goes through the stomach.

From RND