From first admission to silence of peace: timeline of the First World War

PARIS – Escaped the murder of an archduke, the First World War gradually intertwined more and more countries, killed millions of soldiers and civilians, and touched several continents.

As the world marks 100 years after the fighting ends, here are a few important moments in WWI:


June 28: Serbian teenager Gavrilo Princip kills the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand

July 28: Austria-Hungary declares war against Serbia

August 1: Germany declares war against Russia

August 3: Germany declares war on France

August 4: Germany invades Belgium; Britain declares war on Germany

August 23: Japan declares war on Germany

September: Battle of the Marne stops the German advance in France

October 29: Ottoman Empire enters the war

November: beginning of trench warfare

December 25: unofficial Christmas file


February: German U-boat campaign marks the first major use of submarines in warfare

April: Allied troops land in Gallipoli, Turkey, a decisive moment for Australia, New Zealand

April 22: First use of a chemical weapon, chlorine gas, near Ypres, Belgium

May 7: British ship Lusitania sunk by German U-boat

23 May: Italy enters war against Austria-Hungary

October: Bulgaria joins the war, on the side of the Central Powers


21 February: The battle for Verdun begins

March 9: Germany declares war on Portugal

July 1: Battle of the Somme begins, with first massive use of tanks

August 27: Romania invades war, is invaded by Germany

4 September: Britons take Dar es Salaam in German East Africa

October: Soldier Adolf Hitler wounded

December 23: Allies defeat Turkish on the Sinai Peninsula


March: Baghdad attacks Anglo-Indian troops

April 6: United States declares war against Germany

April: battle for Vimy Ridge, the decisive moment for Canada

July: last Russian offensive ends in failure, as the revolution approaches; undecided battle for Passendale in Belgium

October 15: Spionage Mata Hari performed by French firing squad

26 October: Brazil declares war and joins Allied Powers

December: Battle of Jerusalem


3 March: the Brest-Litovsk Treaty ends Russia's involvement in the war on the Eastern Front.

April 21: Legendary German fighter pilot known as the Red Baron shot and killed near Amiens, France

June: Battle of Belleau Wood, defining moment for American soldiers

July 21st: German submarine fires on Cape Cod, only attack on mainland USA

Sept. 26: Battle of the Meuse-Argonne begins

30 October: Ottoman empire signs truce with allies

31 October: Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

November 9: Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany takes distance

November 11: Germany signs truce and ends the war


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