Gaza: Israeli embassy calls for the cancellation of the report "Special Envoy"

Gaza: Israeli embassy calls for the cancellation of the report "Special Envoy"

In a letter addressed to the President of France Televisions, Ambassador Aliza Bin Noun asks for cancellation of a subject about the wounded in the Palestinian enclave.

This is an unprecedented request by the admission of the Israeli representation in Paris. Thursday, October 11, Aliza Bin Noun, Israeli Ambassador to Paris, sent to the President of French television, Delphine Ernotte, a letter in which the cancellation of the broadcast about France 2 of a report of the program "Envoyé spécial" Dedicated to the thousands of demonstrators who have been injured by gunfire along the Gaza Strip since the end of March as part of the "march of return", or at least a right of reply from the embassy.

In the missive broadcast Thursday by Aliza Bin Noun on his Twitter account, the subject is described as "Probably inciting hatred against Israel and can therefore have direct repercussions, in particular physically, on French Jews". The diplomat implies one "Frequent amalgamation between Jews and Israel and that criticism of Israel often leads to a diet of anti-Semitism."

Shimon Mercer-Woods, spokesman for the Israeli embassy in France, confirmed it world that neither the ambassador nor any of its employees could view the full report before writing this letter and sending it.

Almost 140 dead and 4,500 wounded

entitled Gaza, a crippled young man and broadcast on Thursday night, the report reveals what countless media, French and foreign have already noted in recent months: the systematic use of live ammunition against demonstrators, while they try to cross the barrier or stand a few hundred meters, for some.

A line of engagement confirmed by the journalists of "Special Envoy" by a former IDF soldier. Since the end of March, the border of the Gaza Strip is the scene of regular violence in connection with the return marches.

With a peak of intensity in May, thousands of residents of the Palestinian enclave – they were still more than 15,000 on October 12, according to the Israeli military – supported by Hamas gathered every Friday near the dividing gate with Israel, some with the goal to get there and have been attacked by live fire by Israeli soldiers. The shooting resulted in the death of some 140 people and injured almost 4,500 people since the beginning of these marches.

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Polemic on social networks

Shimon Mercer-Woods told world that this request was first formulated for French media since Aliza Bin Noun took office in Paris. He has "Lamented" the broadcast of the report, described as "Manipulative and bad faith" as well "Miserable".

He pointed to one "Editorial choice to hide from public" The responsibility of Hamas and accuses journalists of existence "Complicity" from the Islamic movement. At France Television it is emphasized that the intervention of the embassy of Irael followed with a polemic that was quickly placed on the social networks after the distribution of the trailer of the reportage of "Envoyé spécial".

Yvan Martinet, editor-in-chief of France 2 and author of the subject, told world to be "Discouraged to see the Israeli embassy intervene [leur] editorial line before the broadcast ». "I have no comma to remove from this report and I regret this attempt at unprecedented and disturbing interference by the embassy and other authorities and personalities"he added. Contact recorded by The world, the information service of the group did not want to comment further.

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The ambassador's position was indeed formulated in terms that are identical to those in public statements by French personalities that are close to the official positions of the Israeli government.

In chatter published Thursday, Francis Kalifat, the chairman of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutes in France (Crif), criticized for his hardening of identity, also made the link between the trailer of the report, critical of the IDF tactical choices, and a more general message from "Hate" to Israel, whose consequences would be "Dramatic" for the French of Jewish confession.

"Hatred against Israel"

From 9 October, two days before the date of broadcast, Meyer Habib, MP (Union of Democrats and Independents) of the 8e of the French who lived abroad, including the Jewish state and the Palestinian territories, also had the "Hatred against Israel" whose reportage from France 2 would carry.

Habib is known for its proximity to Israeli religious national law and in particular to Likud, the party of Prime Minister Benyamin Nethanyahu. On his Facebook page he described the editorial policy as "Special Envoy" as irresponsible. " She (…) set the stage for future anti-Semitic violence, if not an attack ", he said.

Mr. Mercer-Woods told world that this type of request, which had not been formulated before, would be used in the future in the case of dissemination of the content "Setting the same problems" then this report. Internally, when drafting France 2, some are afraid that the controversy creates a precedent that is likely to influence the coverage of the conflict.

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