Here is how Paul Manafort could be useful for the Russia investigation

Here is how Paul Manafort could be useful for the Russia investigation

In a deal with the special board office, Manafort pleaded Friday for a conspiracy against the US for his unnamed foreign lobbying and agreed to cooperate with the authorities.

As part of the deal, he will have to admit that he has committed all crimes he has committed or committed outside of the tax, financial and non-publicized foreign lobbying matters dealt with in his agreement, and he will be obliged to to work on an investigation or research by a grand jury. The plea specifically states that Manafort is obliged to "cooperate fully, truthfully, fully and openly with the government".

Specialist Robert Mueller, who has brought charges against Manafort, is investigating Russian interference with the 2016 American elections and related cases. He also received permission from the Department of Justice for allegations that Paul Manafort had committed a crime or crimes by cooperating with Russian government officials & # 39; as part of the Kremlin's attempt to influence the presidential race.

Russian election interference

Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016 and served as chairman from May until he resigned in August after reports on his lobbying with the pro-Russian Ukrainian political party were made public. As a member of the campaign when Trump won the Republican nomination, Manafort was able to shed light on the foreign policy strategy of the campaign and contacts with Russians.


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