Hillary Clinton has refused access to secret data

Hillary Clinton, who led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until 2013, only gained access to secret data in August. Five of her assistants also lost access.

Photo: Clodagh Kilcoyne / Reuters

The US Department of State has withdrawn the secret information from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to the agency's response to a request from Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who published the Politico publication.

The document states that Clinton's access to classified data was recalled on 30 August at her request. In addition, since 20 September, the five Clinton assistants, who were mentioned as research assistants from the State Department, have also been denied access to secret data.

Grassley was interested in access to secret information by Clinton and her assistants in March 2017. He then asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to indicate whether the assistants of the former foreign minister had been given the opportunity to obtain secret information from the department. received after leaving the office. Clinton led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009-2013.

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In 2016, an investigation against Clinton was carried out because she used her own server during her work as secretary of state in violation of the rules, which was then hacked. This became known during the election campaign, no charges were filed against the ex-minister of Foreign Affairs.

Previously, former CIA director John Brennan, who regularly criticized US President Donald Trump, did not get access to classified information. The American leader blamed him for "wreaking havoc & # 39; around the White House. In particular, Trump said that Brennan spoke with access to secret data in the media with accusations against the administration.