In Italy, found an amphora with coins from the time of ancient Rome (4 photos)

The costs of finding are not appreciated yet.

Archaeologists found an amphora full of gold coins during excavations in northern Italy near the border with Switzerland.

This is reported by ABCNews.

According to the Italian Ministry of Culture, they found hundreds of gold coins in the Italian city of Como, which & # 39; of the late imperial era of Rome.

The ministry distributed photos of shiny coins found in an amphora that had been buried in the ground.

Minister Alberto Bonisoli said that he is proud of this discovery.

"We do not yet know the historical and cultural significance of the finds," said Bontsolt, "but this region is a real treasure for our archeology."

The discovery was made during excavations in the "Teatro Cressoni". This is the theater in Como, which was closed in 1997. The Ministry of Culture said that the excavations are carried out in the context of the "restructuring" of the theater.

The costs of hundreds of coins found are still unknown.

Recall, previously in Zaporozhye found nerazrablennoe funeral of the Scythian Amazon.

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