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The third high ranking army of the Venezuelan army is recognized as head of the opposition leader of the state, Juan Guaydo. The video with his message was posted on YouTube.

Colonel of the Venezuelan army Ruben Alberto Paz Jimenez (Ruben Paz Jimenez) said he took part in demonstrations against the current president of the country Nicolas Maduro and called on the army to miss humanitarian aid from the US, said El Comercio.

"Let's be brave, let's not be afraid," he announced. Jimenez stressed that "90 percent of the armed forces are dissatisfied", Maduro, because the soldiers are used to keeping the current government in power.

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00:02January 28

The demons of Venezuela

They promised to protect people against the lawlessness of the authorities. And defeat them now, so they loved Maduro

At the beginning of February, Guaydo was supported by General Francisco Esteban Janes Rodriguez, head of the Strategic Planning Directorate for the General Command of the Venezuelan Air Force. Rodriguez also spoke about the mass dissatisfaction of the staff and called on his comrades to "not turn his back on the people of Venezuela". In the air force he was called a traitor and taken out of service.

Shortly before that – at the end of January – Guaido spoke about secret negotiations with the Venezuelan army. He said that the support of the army is the decisive force in the process of power change, and promised an amnesty to anyone who turned out to be "guilty of crimes against humanity."

On 23 January Guaydo, in the context of mass protests, proclaimed himself interim head of state and called on Maduro to step down and hold new elections. He was supported by the United States and later by Canada, most Latin American countries, Israel and Australia. Russia, Iran, Turkey and Belarus were in favor of Maduro.

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