Iran: terrorist attack during military parade makes at least 29 dead

Iran: terrorist attack during military parade makes at least 29 dead

Soldiers, women and children were killed by men who opened fire on a parade commemorating the beginning of the war between Iran and Iraq in the city of Ahvaz.

At least twenty-nine people were killed and fifty-three injured on Saturday (22 September) during a terrorist attack on a military parade in Ahvaz, a city in south-west Iran, according to the ISNA news agency (Iranian Students News Agency) and state television.

The victims are largely guards of the revolution, the elite Iranian army, but civilians were also killed, including women, a girl and a veteran who was killed in his wheelchair »according to Abolfazl Shekarchi, spokesperson for the army. Some of the wounded "Are in critical condition"says ISNA, referring to the vice-governor of Khuzestan province, Ali-Hossein Hosseinzadeh.

The attack took place around 9 am (6.30 am in Paris). Images of the attack were filmed by Iranian television camera reports in a tweet the reporter Ali Kheradpir:

Tehran accuses "foreign regime"

Several Iranian media report that the perpetrators of the attack were themselves dressed in military fatigue. The four individuals of the commando who fired at the crowd, were shot dead according to Abolfazl Shekarchi: three of them were killed at the site of the attack, the fourth, wounded and arrested, died in the hospital.

The jihadist group of the jihadist state later claimed responsibility for the attack – a responsibility that is difficult to establish with certainty, because the latest claims of the terrorist group have been opportunistic.

Several Iranian officials, such as President Hassan Rohani, have asked questions "Those who support intelligence and propaganda to these terrorists" and promised one "Terrible answer".

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif did not blame the IS, but the United States, writing on Twitter :

"Terrorists recruited, trained and paid for by a foreign regime attacked Ahvaz […] Iran is of the opinion that the regional sponsors of terrorism and their American masters are responsible for such attacks. "

Ramezan Sharif, spokesperson for the Revolutionary Guard, had been more specific about the perpetrators of the attack and accused an Arab separatist group in comments from ISNA:

"Those who have opened fire on people and forces are connected to the Al-Ahvazieh movement, fed by Saudi Arabia and trying to overshadow the power of the armed forces."

A separatist movement the stronger, as the inhabitants of Khuzestan province, mostly Arab in a Persian country, sometimes say "Leave" by the central power. In recent years, dust storms and air pollution, including the activities of oil refineries in the region, have resulted in civil protest movements.

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During the commemoration of the war between Iran and Iraq

The attack took place when Iran marked the national day of the armed forces, which on 22 September commemorated the commemoration of Baghdad of the war between Iran and Iraq (1980-1988) and the resistance of the "Holy defense" Iranian during this "Imposed war"according to the official phraseology.

Khuzestan was one of the Iranian regions that were most affected by the fighting during this war. Saddam Hussein expected his soldiers to be welcomed as liberators by the Arab population, but the latter was generally loyal to Iran.

On July 20, ten Revolutionary Guards were killed in an insurgent attack on one of their bases in the village of Dari, in the Marivan district of north-western Iranian Kurdistan.

On 7 June 2017, gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the parliament and the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in Tehran, killing 17 people and injuring dozens of people, the first attacks claimed by the Islamic jihadist group in Iran. . The guards of the revolution also denounced the"Involvement" Saudi Arabia and the United States in these attacks.

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