Is Jair Bolsonaro the deal with fate?

Is Jair Bolsonaro the deal with fate?

Note from the editors: Pedro Brieger is an Argentine journalist and sociologist, author of more than seven books and assistant in publications on international issues. He is currently the director of NODAL, a portal that is exclusively dedicated to the news from Latin America and the Caribbean. He collaborated with various national media such as Clarín, El Cronista, La Nación, Página / 12, Perfil and for magazines such as Noticias, Somos, Le Monde Diplomatique and Panorama. During his career, Brieger won important prizes for his informative work in Argentine radio and television.

(CNN Spanish) – The dizzying rise of Jair Bolsonaro and the extraordinary voices in the first round is a new demonstration that can prevent marginal or unfamiliar characters as "saviors" in times of deep political crisis by the general public.

In Latin America we have had several cases in recent years, although of a different political nature from that of Bolsonaro. In Venezuela, Hugo Chávez triumphed in 1998, in Ecuador Rafael Correa in 2006 and in Paraguay, Fernando Lugo in 2008. The three came from the dissolution of traditional political parties and allowed them to embody the "new" and the "other", such as Bolsonaro. today.

Of course you can not understand the rise of the vice and retired captain in Brazil if you do not take into account that these elections are absolutely irregular, in a country of extreme democratic fragility as a product of the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff in August 2016, who was accused of illegally altering accounts prior to his re-election in 2014 to hide a budget deficit and continue financing popular social programs.


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