Israel asks France 2 to cancel the broadcast of a Gaza report

Israel asks France 2 to cancel the broadcast of a Gaza report

The broadcast on the evening of October 11 of the investigation of Special Envoy "Gaza, crippled youth", arouses the anger of Israel's ambassador in France and CRIF. They say that the report "conveys hatred against Israel."

"What future for these Gazan youths with a leg amputated by shots of Israeli soldiers on a" return march "?" This is the question chosen by the program. Special envoy broadcast on the evening of October 11th on the channel France 2. A subject of which the trailer, broadcast on social networks, did not like the ambassador of Israel in France.

Aliza bin Noun, in a letter, the president of France Télévisions Delphine Ernotte, called for the complete cancellation of the report's broadcast Gaza, a crippled young man.

In the belief that the survey takes an "unbalanced position", Aliza bin Noun is concerned that this content "sows hatred against Israel and [qu’il puisse] so with direct repercussions, in particular physical, on the French of the Jewish faith. "The ambassador of the Jewish state then complains about a" frequent and harrowing amalgam between Jews and Israel. "

In a relatively similar position, the president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF), Francis Kalifat, wrote on Twitter: "I warned Delphine Ernotte […] The public service must not participate in the transmission of hatred against Israel whose dramatic consequences are known to the Jewish French. "

Meyer Habib, UDI deputy of the French from abroad and the friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, in turn, announced on Facebook that he had "a grief in his France". "Stop the hatred of Israel and the anti-Israeli propaganda about France 2! She kills!", He wrote on social networks.

"Almost all the young people who were killed or wounded were Hamas activists, killed by the jihadist organization," says the French-Israeli MP, with regard to dozens of Palestinians killed and thousands injured by bullets. IDF in recent months.

Recalling the recent death of two Israelis, shot dead by a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank, Meyer Habib writes: "The government [français] the public service can no longer tolerate the expression of such submission to the cynical strategy of Hamas. "

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The Israeli public media in French i24News reports that a hundred people demonstrated at the headquarters of France Televisions in Paris on the evening of 10 October to protest against the broadcast of the report.

Delphine Ernotte did not communicate about these requests.

Palestinian victims and Israeli army spokesman

In the trailer of the report, the team ofSpecial envoy follows Alaa, a young Palestinian. "This is the first time that Ala is back on her bike: the first time since a bullet carried his right leg and his dreams of a cyclist, we can hear French journalists then follow Palestinian Protestants on the Israeli border and give voice to various victims who were shot by the Israeli army, and a spokesman for the Israeli army then gives his version of the facts, assuring that "the Israeli forces show a lot of professionalism, cold-bloodedness and restraint".

On the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel at least 198 Palestinians have been killed and an Israeli soldier has died since the march of March 30 March against the Israeli blockade. Thousands of Palestinians were also shot and wounded. Demonstrators also demand from Palestinians the right to return to the country from where they were driven or forced to flee when Israel was founded in 1948.

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