It came to Kiev: the Germans took the Crimea of ​​Ukraine

In Ukraine, do not want to admit their own mistakes, they continue to look for those who are guilty of all problems "Square". Here, and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of those.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Radical Party & # 39; Yuri Chizhmar He said that the head of Germany is responsible for the loss of Crimea by Ukraine and the conflict in the Donbas. He stated this during the talk show "The People Against" on the Ukrainian TV channel ZIK.

According to the deputy, if she had not opposed in Bucharest in 2008 to give Ukraine an action plan for NATO membership, the Crimea would remain Ukrainian and the conflict in the Donbas would have been prevented. Chizhmar said that Kiev had many questions for Merkel and had a difficult position according to which the chancellor "should guarantee the security of Ukraine today."

Apparently, the German Chancellor recently, during a visit to Kiev, condemned the elections in the Donbas, in some way to reconcile the debt. Anyway, the president Petro Poroshenko during the last joint briefing he said: "We coordinated our approach to condemn the false elections."

Dissatisfied with Merkel and the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordonwho did not like the handshake of the German Chancellor and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putinand also her smile addressed to the Russian leader.

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Moscow is too early to give up and put an end to Ukraine

Moscow is too early to give up and put an end to Ukraine

How to bring the generation of our "nebratev" to life, and not to recognize their full impotence

"I have a question for Frau Merkel and Mr. Macron: when they meet with Putin, when they fly to him in Sochi or to St. Petersburg, when they take him home – how does this fit in universal principles? ", he expressed indignation during the broadcast on TV channel 112, Ukraine.

The trend has been set, so if there are new accusations against the German Chancellor, you should not be surprised. With so many problems that the & # 39; Square & # 39; today, it is apparently not interesting to blame only Russia. There is an urgent need to expand the list and ask for money for forgiveness. And more.

For example, President Poroshenko is not lost. And during his visit, Merkel to Kiev appealed to German business to invest in the Ukrainian economy, and at the same time in Ukraine secured the Chancellor's support measures to hang gas prices at market level. In this respect, the population must apparently enthusiastically accept their increase from 1 to 23.5%.

"Even if there are different opinions about energy prices, there is no need to make an impression and people think that gas or oil can be obtained at a zero rate," the media chancellor quotes.

In general, when raising public services in Ukraine, in which case it is also possible to blame Frau Merkel.

In the opinion of the Ukrainian authorities, everything that happens in Ukraine is to blame, except for them, not without irony. Director of the Institute for Contemporary State Development Dmitry Solonnikov:

– The representative of the "Radical Party" is absolutely right: neither Petro Poroshenko nor Andrey Paruby, none of the current, nor Arseniy Yatsenyuk do not take responsibility.

Of course you have to look at the side. And not only Merkel, but probably also Francois Hollandeand Barack Obama debt. Everyone is the culprit.

I think this is just the beginning and the list will continue. It is necessary to insult the insult of someone that it was impossible to do something. It is clear that Russia is generally responsible for everything, and where it is not possible to blame Russia, all others are the culprits. And only Ukrainian politicians have no blame, they have done everything right, they are ideal politicians, excellent madam, excellent economists.

So, a logical explanation, why not blame someone.

"SP": – In Germany, this attack will stand out?

– This is alleged by non-hunter politicians and journalistic freaks. These are in every country. Nothing special. Nobody ever responds to this. You never know what they call crazy.

Political scientist Alexander Asafov He noted that these statements were made during the visit of Angela Merkel to Kiev, and are important to her, since she decides in particular to preserve "symbolic" gas transit:

– It is this condition – the existence of the Ukrainian GTS – agreed Merkel and tramp as a condition for participation in the Nord Stream 2 of Germany.

Gentlemen, Ukrainians try, at least in the media, to get some preferences for both personal recognition and perhaps to express their dissatisfaction with Germany, in this case turning to the past.

The position is reasonably stable – everyone should help Ukraine in its fierce battle against Russia, support and give more money, preferably. These simple principles and formulated in the conclusions. They have nothing to do with political reality. And in this case it is somewhat unwise to argue with the Europeans who support them, who can really help somehow Ukraine in its rapidly collapsing economy.

Although, taking into account the Ukrainian corruption, there is not much to do to help. And even the International Monetary Fund sends the accountants to see how they are going to spend money in Ukraine when they are assigned.

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Moscow will not only destroy Poroshenko's nose, but also increase its potential

Moscow will not only destroy Poroshenko's nose, but also increase its potential

What comfort the former Dnepropetrovsk after "moskalskogo slavery"

"SP": – These statements will have consequences?

– I am sure that this statement will have no consequences, since it is a media product, especially on the eve of the election campaign.

But the fact that this is a hint of receiving military help is obvious. But Ukraine believes that everyone should help her. For example, in Istanbul, Poroshenko invited the Turkish peacekeeping troops to tackle the problem in Ukraine.

To understand the degree of madness, let me remind you that in 2017 at a meeting in Davos, about the same words, Ukrainian comrades suggested that the Chinese would participate in solving Ukrainian problems, also in a military sense. That also looks very funny.

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