Kiev decided to deliver "never water" on the territory of Crimea

Kiev decided to deliver "never water" on the territory of Crimea

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that Kiev will never deliver water to the territory of Crimea, despite the situation with air pollution in the north of the peninsula, UNIAN reports.

In his opinion Russia is trying in particular to use the situation with the release of harmful substances at the "Crimean Titan" plant to "promote" the problem of water supply in the region. "But not to distort this problem from the point of view of international law, but to wrap it in such a humanitarian package, and we have to avoid this," said the minister.

In Kiev, refused to resume the flow of water to Crimea

As noted by Klimkin, Ukraine intends to gather the necessary evidence and to accompany them to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), where it intends to document Russia with the targeted emission of toxic substances into the atmosphere in the north of Crimea. "Now we have a preliminary contact, but we will not do anything that will give Russia this asset, to use this issue in the context of manipulating water," he added.

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