Kosovo: Serbia does not recognize its borders and threatens peace

The government of Kosovo says that recent remarks by the President of Serbia, who do not recognize his borders, threaten peace and security.

A statement Friday said that the words of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic a day earlier to recognize the international borders of Kosovo are "unacceptable and constitute a serious threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Kosovo."

It added that they "threaten peace, stability and security in Kosovo, the region and more."

The ties between Kosovo and Serbia have been strained after Pristina's decision to establish a 100% duty rate on Serbian and Bosnian goods until Belgrade recognizes its sovereignty and no longer prohibits membership of international organizations.

The dialogue between the two countries facilitated by the European Union, which began in 2011, has come to a halt, with Belgrade saying that it will only take part if the tariff is canceled.

Serbia does not accept the independence of Kosovo in 2008.

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