Married, on the budget: "They are the disgraceful payment to independentists, populists and" batasunes ""

PP President Pablo Casado insisted on Saturday his criticism of the draft general budget (PGE) presented by the Spanish government, which he described as "sectarian and ideological." "It is the invoice handed over to the motion of censure, the payment that embarrasses independent players, populists and" batasunos "of the rent of the palace of the Moncloa, the hawk and the helicopter."

In an act in Valencia, Casado said that they are "unrealistic in income, but dramatically real in spending" and regrets that they are "trying to remedy their incompetence in management by making science fiction while wasting it and already doing it" to be ".

"They are the worst I have ever met," said the leader, adding that 6,000 million euros were spent "unnecessarily" because the PP already increased these costs, he recalled, at 26,000 million, and left the appointment. the increase in pensions or the minimum wage.

"Why increase spending?" To please their leaders, the pro-independence parties who have asked 1,700 million more, "he said, as" Batasuna "already asks for powers in the penitentiary administrations and the only box of social certainty breaks, "while we can not support the accounts" if they do not spend on inappropriate policies, such as housing and social services & # 39 ;.

For Married it was not necessary to raise taxes in the current economic context, but it is the "payment" that President Pedro Sánchez had to make. "Everything comes from the same, we have a president who is received in the palace of Pedralbes as a foreign head of state by a president who calls on the civil confrontation", he criticized, "he does not even answer those who spit at his ministers "and enables them to" deliver a document with 21 requirements ", including the consultation for self-determination.

On the other hand, the president of Cs in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas, Sánchez, criticized the approval of the state budgets with the independent parties. In statements to the media he said that the visit of Sánchez to Catalonia is a movement in the negotiations on the PGE, which he has rejected: "These budgets are simply the exchange of cards that Sánchez needs with Torra to continue for a few more months. in La Moncloa. "

He also called "true humiliation" for non-independent Catalans that Sánchez negotiated the PGE with the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and said that estimates of revenues and forecasts for tax collection do not appear credible in the budget project.

"It's a budget, it's a deception, they raise taxes, they're not believed by anyone and are designed solely to accommodate separatism," he said, pointing out that Sánchez & # 39; s only interest in the PGE is to stay in La Moncloa.

Cs brought the bus to Barcelona with the motto 's & # 39; Indults no & # 39; and & # 39; Stop Sánchez. Elecciones ya & # 39 ;, which has already been exhibited in Madrid, and Arrimadas has declared before the vehicle that "someone who does not want to break Spain" can not forgive, with reference to the pro-independence leaders for independence.