Martinique: thirty-five people admitted to the hospital after eating contaminated flour

Twenty-five people were poisoned by Datura, a poisonous plant found in many organic buckwheat flour, said the toxicology unit of the University Hospital of Martinique. They had digestive disorders, hallucinations and cardiovascular symptoms, according to the Antilles Wax (Intervention Cell in the French public health region). 10 are still in evaluation. Among the patients, a family of seven, including a four-year-old child and a woman with a severe medical history, was poisoned from one Saturday to Sunday on a Sunday. They filed a complaint for endangering the lives of others.

Very few serious cases

These people have consumed this flour for the candle maker. "For most patients, the symptoms (dry mouth, dilated pupils, visual disturbances, tachycardia, excitement, hallucinations, note) lasted only a few Nevertheless the patient required two days of hospitalization. So for the moment we have very few serious cases "explained Jacques Rosine, head of the Intervention Cell in the French public health region (Cire).

First warning on 22 November

The datura was present in many organic buckwheat flour with two brands: Naturaline and Moulin des Moines. Parties that should have been withdrawn from sales since 22 November when an initial warning was issued by the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumers and Fraud Control (DGCCRF).

Another warning was given on 26 December about the marketing of four contaminated plots on Martinique. The recall was ordered immediately, but the products of a new container have since been brought onto the market. Until 4 February, the date of publication of a new report, several people could still buy contaminated plots in supermarkets.

"As soon as we became aware of the first case of poisoning, we immediately issued a press release on February 4 and immediately intervened with all customers of Martinique's merchants, were withdrawn from the market and the reminder display was on the shelf", said he. Véronique Fernandez, chief inspector and head of the security quality department of the C department of the regional directorate for competition in the consumption of employees and employment, in an interview in Martinique la1ère.

The interview with Véronique Fernandez collected by Alain Livori and André Quion-Quion.

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