Maurizio Zanfanti: the most famous beach gigolo of Italy dies during sex

Rimini –

He had them all … According to their own data, it should have been more than 6000 women, the Maurizio Zanfanti († 63) should have been happy. Now he is dead.

He died in the night of love on Wednesday for sex with a 23-year-old tourist in a car on the outskirts of Rimini. This reports "Rimini Today".

It is said that he died of heart failure, they say.

Holiday horror! Quartet raped young woman on the beach – for her friend (read more here).

Maurizio Zanfanti was a legend from the years & # 39; 70

The Romeo of Rimini became a legend in the 70s. At that time he worked as a 17-year-old in the famous disco "Blow Up" as an entertainer. He was responsible for talking to young women on the street and getting them to the club.


The beach of Rimini was the home of Maurizio Zanfanti.


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After that it was usually still somewhere else …

All in all, he testified with the women, including French women, English women and, above all, German Miss, nine children.

Maurizio Zanfanti has been retiring since 2014

In 2014 the then 59-year old retired. But he could not do it without him.

The last woman with whom he had a good time had panicked to call a friend after his collapse, who then called the ambulance. The doctor could only determine the death of the Playboy.

Vermutlich starb er einen Tod, den der Gigolo sich genau so gewünscht hatte.