Media: airlines warn of the danger of disrupting the new Boeing 737 at its peak

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Boeing 737 crashes in Indonesia (71)

MOSCOW, 7 Nov. – RIA news. Boeing warns the operators of their new 737 Max models that the aircraft can fall into a steep peak independently of each other due to incorrect flight control system performance. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing a source.

Plane from the Indonesian airline Lion Air. Archie photo
Indonesian airline freezes negotiations about deliveries from Boeing 737 Max

According to the results of the preliminary investigation into the crash of the Indonesian plane on 29 October, it became clear that Boeing 737 Max aircraft could automatically lower their nose in cases where a shed is possible (uncontrolled disturbance of the balance of air displacement processes), thus the source of the agency.

The source noted that in the warning pilots will explain how to act when a problem occurs.

In the Russian S7, in the park of which there is a Boeing 737 Max, they said they had not yet received any warnings.

Wreck indonesian boeing

Rescuers illuminate part of the landing gear of a crashed Lion Air JT610 plane. November 4, 2018
Accidentally in Indonesia, Boeing flew with a faulty speed indicator

The plane Boeing 737 of the Indonesian airline Lion Air in the morning of October 29 fell into the sea near the coast of West Java, 13 minutes after departure from Jakarta. On board the ship, according to preliminary information, eight crew members and 181 passengers, including three children. The causes of the disaster have not yet been clarified. The crashed plane was produced in 2018 and has been operated by the airline since August.

The Indonesian authorities later reported that the crash rate indicator did not work during the last four flights.

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