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The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador rejected the plans of the US government to extend a program to a second port (port of entry) forces certain asylum seekers in the United States to wait in Mexico until the immigration courts have solved their case.

The extension of the surveyed program was communicated to Congress by the Department of National Security (DHS) on Monday. The protocol, part of the zero tolerance policy of Donald Trump, was implemented on December 20 in the port of San Ysidro, one of the stairs between San Diego and Tijuana.

In January the program was expanded to the Eagle Pass, Texas, located in the west of San Antonio.

"The Department of National Security of the United States Government (Department of Homeland Security) informed the Congress of that country of its decision to extend the implementation of Article 235 (b) (2) (c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to the border cabin that connects the cities of Mexicali and Calexico"The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

"The government of Mexico repeats that does not coincide with the unilateral measure of the US authoritieswhile confirming its determination with regard to the protection of migrants and the promotion of economic and social development that mitigates the structural causes of migration flows, "he added.

What is it about?

The part activated by the Trump government changes protection protocols for the migrant and allow "certain foreigners to land from an adjacent area, ie Mexico or Canada, whether or not through a designated port of entry, It can usually be returned, at the discretion of the Compliance Act, to the territory from which they arrive pending a removal procedure under Article 240 of the INA ", takes note of a memorandum of the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of January 28.

The document warns that the DHS secretary, Kirstjen M. Nielsen, will begin the trial implementation of the "large-scale" program, allowing "the return of certain foreigners to an adjacent area pending compliance with deportation procedures" by an immigration judge.

The protocol, activated in December, warns that a third-country national "Should not be returned involuntarily to Mexico (…) if the foreign national is most likely to be prosecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group or political opinion.

Foreigners who have participated in criminal activities will not be admitted in the United States, warns DHS.

Asylum at the border is classified as "Defensive". The immigrant who is one credible fear interview a deportation process stands for true You have the option to present yourself to an immigration court to request the protection he seeks from the United States government.

Immediate implementation

Mexico's Foreign Ministry (SER) said that "as in the case of Tijuana (where the program was implemented on December 20 under protest from the López Obrador government), the US measure will lead to the week, Mexican non-Mexican asylum seekers who have arrived from Mexico to the United States have returned to Mexicali, so that in our country they are waiting for the development of their procedure for an American immigration court. & # 39;

"By humanitarian reasons, the Home and Foreign Affairs secretariats have been in contact with the US migration authorities to receive information about those who have returned to Mexico. A significant number of them has a kind of Mexican immigration document allowing them to stay in our country, "he adds.

For the Government of Mexico, the Foreign Ministry adds: "The main objective of contact between the immigration authorities of both countries protect the human rights of affected migrants. This exchange of information in no way means that the government of Mexico agrees with the decisions and actions taken unilaterally by the government "of Donald Trump, accurate.

The Mexican government also said that "the Ministry of the Interior will inform the Baja California government about the decision of the United States Government" and that "it will soon contact the Mexicali municipal authorities to take measures to allow returners to Mexican territory a safe stayas long as they know the final decision on their application for asylum. "

In December, when the program was implemented by the Trump government, Mexico said it "confirmed its sovereign right to allow or deny foreigners access to its territory in the exercise of its migration policy, and that it only give permission, for humanitarian reasons and temporarilythe importation of certain foreign persons from the United States who entered that country through a port of entry or who were detained between the ports of entry, were interviewed by immigration control authorities of that country and received a quote to appear before an immigration judge. "

Rejection is growing

Trump's zero tolerance policy at the border and the return to Mexico of asylum seekers to await the resolution of their lawsuits continues to raise a long list of rejections by the American inter-faith community.

More than at the end of February 500 leaders and interfaith groups they insisted on the Trump government the & # 39; immoral & # 39; end policy to "stay in Mexico" and protect vulnerable people seeking asylum at the border.

The coalition, led by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC), one of the leading legal aid organizations for immigrants in the United States, has asked the DHS via a letter: " who accepts and prosecutes asylum seekers, and respects the moral and legal obligations to protect the little ones. ".

The letter, also signed by the World Church Service, which includes religious organizations, confessional leaders, religious orders, and faith-based immigration service agencies, launched a called for compassion and asked the government to "follow our faith traditions that force welcome us with love and compassion, regardless of the place of birth, religion or ethnicity".

"Our various moral teachings are coherent in the absolute value of the human person and our obligation to protect the most vulnerable among us," he adds.

Campaign "cruel"

The religious also indicate that this plan to stay in Mexico & # 39; it is final step in the "campaign of cruelty and illegality of the governmentor, a plan that endangers the lives of migrant children and destroys families "fleeing their country due to violence and poverty and coming to the United States to seek asylum.

"This policy is another ill-conceived and immoral attack against asylum seekers that puts people in physical danger and threatens their access to legal assistance, "said Anna Gallagher, director of CLINIC." As the letter explains, it will be an almost insurmountable obstacle for asylum seekers they will be forced to stay in Mexico to seek the help of an American lawyer to help them prepare their case. & # 39;

" Denying the right to go to a lawyer when seeking asylum is simply wrong and violates our obligations according to the law to protect refugees from persecution, "he complained.

The group urged the Trump government to immediately immediately end its "cruel and immoral policy" of "Stays in Mexico" and to stop the attacks on asylum seekers, immigrants, unaccompanied children and other vulnerable populations seeking protection. stop.

It also states that "the government must address the root causes of displacement substantially without undermining asylum policies, the fight against trafficking in human beings or the protection of children in the United States."

The Mexican Foreign Ministry said that "it will continue to insist on the need to address the causes of migration from its origins in the countries of origin of migrants. To this end, the Government of Mexico will propose the next meeting of the Tuxtla mechanism, to be held on 5 April 2019, to that of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to adopt measures and projects to promote economic development, and socially of the region, to to help improve the living and working conditions of its inhabitants and to tackle the root causes of migration: poverty, insecurity and lack of opportunities, "said a statement.

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