Migrants: the Luxembourg minister protests against the comments of Matteo Salvini

Migrants: the Luxembourg minister protests against the comments of Matteo Salvini

VIDEO – "So shit!" The head of Luxembourg diplomacy reacted strongly to the attack by Matteo Salvini, who believed that Luxembourg wanted to import African "slaves" to compensate for the lack of manpower and the demographic deficit.

An allegation by Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, in which African migrants were compared to slaves, triggered an indignant reaction from the Luxembourg minister of foreign affairs, Jean Asselborn, on Friday in Vienna.

Immigration: "Shit so! From the Luxembourg minister to Salvini – Watch Figaro Live

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In a video that posted his entourage on Facebook, we see the Italian leader, who is also vice-president of the Italian Council, speaking at a meeting of European ministers of the Interior and condemning the idea that Jean had previously formulated Asselborn that the aging Europe would need immigrants. "I've heard someone say that we needed immigration because the population is aging, I have a completely different perspective, I'm being paid by the citizens to make sure that our young people get children again, like years ago, and not the best to uproot young people in Africa to replace Europeans who do not have children (…) Perhaps there is such a need in Luxembourg, but in Italy our need is for our children to have children and not to have new slaves to replace the children. & # 39; not have & # 39 ;, said Matteo Salvini, and condemned the idea that immigration can be used to address the demographic deficit or lack of manpower.

In the foreground of the video, Jean Asselborn begins to respond: "Oh, here is abuse!" Then he went on honestly: "In Luxembourg, sir, we had tens of thousands of Italians! They came as migrants, they worked in Luxembourg, so you in Italy would have money for your children, shit!"

Jean Asselborn referred to the period of "Thirty glorious" years, in which the Northern European countries, a thriving economy, have brought a foreign workforce from countries of southern Europe and Africa North. "Someone who is well educated would have let me finish my speech," said Matteo Salvini, before starting an argument against smugglers.

Austria proposes to sort out migrants at sea at sea

The Austrian Minister for the Interior, Herbert Kickl, proposed at the same meeting on migration policy in Vienna on Friday to organize sorting between refugees and migrants at sea that are not subject to asylum.

The proposal that was proposed at a press conference alongside its Italian counterpart Matteo Salvini would be "for those arriving by boat in the territorial waters of an EU country", stated Mr. Kickl, member of the far-right party FPÖ.