Military political analyst: S-300 "confuses cards" with Americans in Syria


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The United States is concerned about the deployment of the S-300 air defense system on Syrian territory, said the US Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey. Military political scientist Andrei Koshkin on the radio Spoetnik explained the reasons for this concern.

The United States is worried about the deployment of Russian S-300 complexes on Syrian territory, said United States Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey.

"We are very concerned about the deployment of C-300 in Syria, but who controls these complexes, what role will they play," he said during a telephone briefing.

Unloading anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 in Syria
S-300 in Syria: change of the main matrix

Jeffrey recalled that the Russian and Israeli military had previously had contacts about Israeli attacks on targets in Syria. "We hope this approach will continue," he said.

On 24 September Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu announced measures to increase the security of the Russian army in Syria in response to the IL-20 crash, for which Russia placed responsibility on Israel. According to the Minister, in accordance with the presidential order, Moscow will equip command posts of Syrian air defense systems with automated control systems, which only have Russian forces, and also perform radio-electronic suppression of satellite navigation, built-in radar and combat aviation communication systems that attack objects on Syrian territory. the most important thing is to give Syria the S-300 complex. The Minister noted that Russia had suspended deliveries of S-300 to Syria at the request of Israel in 2013, but now the situation has changed and can not be blamed on the Russian Federation's debt.

Military political scientist, head of the political science and sociology department of PRUE. Plekhanov Andrei Koshkin on the radio Sputnik explained why the US military is concerned about the deployment of C-300 in Syria.

"It is only now that the military leaders and American politicians think that the S-300 will reliably defend the army of the Russian Federation in Syria and will seriously affect the entire configuration of military-political and geopolitical relations in the Middle East. a serious obstacle to the actions of the Israeli army in Syria, but above all it confuses the cards seriously with the Americans. "The C-300 requirements will cool down both in Israel and in the US." At the same time this is a serious help mu Damascus and the countries-guarantors of a peace settlement to build a stable relationship that will relocate an armed conflict on the stage of peace-building in Syria ", – said Andrey Koshkin.

Unloading anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 in Syria
"Your shirt is closer to the body." An expert in the delivery of S-300 to Syria

Syria contracted S-300 in 2010, but in the implementation phase the deal was canceled. The Israeli side feared that the new anti-aircraft missiles would not only restrict the freedom of movement of the Israeli Air Force in the airspace of a neighboring country, but would also enable the Syrians to control almost the entire sky of Israel. The need to operate freely in Syria is mainly explained by the Israeli forces because of the hostile presence of Iranian troops there.

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