Minister Jeff Sessions of the government pushed the exit by Donald Trump

In a letter of resignation to the presidency, Jeff Sessions says he left at the request of Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions met in 2005.

The trial of Jeff Sessions came to an end on the day after the midterm elections. On Wednesday, November 7, early in the afternoon, the Attorney General of the United States, the equivalent of the Minister of Justice, announced his resignation in a statement. He said he had accepted it. to [la] application From Donald Trump. For more than a year, the president of the United States continues to stigmatize this former Alabama senator, as conservatively as a former prosecutor of that state of the deep south might be.

Jeff Sessions was the first in the Senate to support him during the inauguration of 2016, at a time when Donald Trump overthrew the majority of Republicans. He was also one of his best immigration advisors and defended a particularly difficult line that broke with the traditional positions of the Grand Old Party.

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Rampart in the Mueller study

Donald Trump had never forgave him for having withdrawn himself in the investigation into Russian interference during the presidential election, entrusted to the special prosecutor Robert Mueller following the resignation of FBI director James Comey. This decision was motivated by the fact that during the same period the Attorney General did not organize public meetings with Russian officials during hearings in the Senate. The president had ruled that he had withheld a stronghold against these investigations.

Donald Trump did not stop at this departure, again announced on his Twitter account, without direct prior contact with the person, according to the American press. The president also circumvented the number two justice, Rod Rosenstein, who had been appointed by him and was responsible for supervising the investigation. This function in fact belongs to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. Until then, the chief of staff of Jeff Sessions, this Republican is seen as an unwavering supporter of the president.

"Justice" between quotation marks

The regular target of the president's Twitter account, Jeff Sessions, has been exchanging softly taunts for a long time. On 23 August, following the condemnation of one of his former campaign leaders at the urging of the Special Prosecutor, Donald Trump once again mocked the Ministry of Justice. " I've always done it "justice" within quotation marks Has assured the American president during a powerful interview with the conservative channel Fox News.

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"Democrats are really powerful in the Ministry of Justice. (…) Jeff Sessions never really took over the department and it's something incredible, " he added, and resumed the thesis of an ideological bias regularly criticizing the team of the special prosecutor, also appointed by his own administration. Once, Jeff Sessions decided to answer almost immediately by saying that as long as he was in office, "The actions of the Ministry of Justice will not be unduly influenced by political considerations".

The planned cancellation was considered sensitive soon after the week-long aggressive republican campaign against the Special Prosecutor prior to the interim election campaign. It remains to be seen whether the deposition of Jeff Sessions was only intended to settle a dispute with the president or whether it is followed by measures that are now directly addressed to Robert Mueller. At a press conference just before the news, Donald Trump made it very clear that he believed that he had complete discretion in this matter.

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