Missing it! German tourist in Australia disappeared - police published photo

A German tourist is missing in Australia. She left her hotel with a red backpack on her back, as images of a security camera.

Alice Springs – The 62-year-old woman was last seen by the police on Wednesday morning when she left on the morning of January 1 on a walk from a hotel in the city of Alice Springs. Alice Springs is the only larger city in the Australian Outback, the sparsely populated hinterland in the center of Australia. Temperatures reach more than 40 degrees during the day.

One person is also missing in Hamburg. A 16-year-old girl has disappeared for days.

The disappearance of the Germans was noticed only a few days later

The disappearance of the 62-year-old woman was noticed only after a few days because she had not returned to her accommodation. Originally she should have checked there on January 5th. The police then launched a large-scale search, also with the help of a drone. Photos of a security camera show the woman in knee-length jeans, a red checked blouse and a red rucksack on her back leaving her hotel. The police have not given any details about the region in Germany where the holidaymaker comes from.

In the Australian outback, time and time again, tourists are lost. During a heat wave in January 2018, a 32-year-old American died there. In February 2017, a German retired couple did not return from a walking tour.

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