Mom, terribly bruised, shielding baby from hailstones in softball format


An Australian woman suffered severe bruises after using her body to protect her 4-month-old baby from a brutal hail storm with softball-sized hail that fell through her car window on Thursday, reports said.

Fiona Simpson, 23, rode with her grandmother, 78, and baby in Kingaroy, northwest of Brisbane, when a tornado and a hailstorm struck and hit her window against the window, reported the Australian Then she covered her baby with her body as the hailstones came to them.

"We parked on the side of the road when the storm got too heavy and the hail blew out our windows," she wrote in a Facebook message. "I covered my baby with my body to prevent her from being badly injured, please be careful in this storm season. & # 39;

Simpson said she was in shock and that her entire body was numb when paramedics arrived, reported the Australian news site.

"Only when I got into the ambulance did I realize that if I did not, she (her baby) could have been seriously injured or killed, anything could have happened," she said.

Most of the skin on her left arm was shredded, while the other arm was "completely black" from bruising, the report said.

"I am just a mother – you do everything to protect your child, whatever you do, even at your own expense and I would do it again," she told ABC.

She posted photos of her injuries on Facebook and said: "I learned my lesson today, NEVER ride in a hailstorm!"