Mother shares a heartbreaking picture of her daughter (6) – to warn others

Mother shares a heartbreaking picture of her daughter (6) – to warn others

on 05.11.2018 at 15:42

Little Sophia (6) was bullied at school until she was hospitalized. (Icons)

Photo: IMAGO

Tiverton. A little girl is curled up on a sickbed. He sleeps exhausted under a light blue blanket. The child seems small. Lost. Managed.

Six-year-old Sophia from Tiverton, England, is in hospital because of her supposed best friend picked on has been. The photo of her daughter has her mother posted on Facebook. She wants to help Sophia – and the countless other children who are at school or outside, so bad picked on that they get sick of it.


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Photo of sanded Sophia in the hospital is meant to shake

"This is my six-year-old daughter, in the hospital, because of bullying"Carrie Golledge writes." This is my child, that no one wants to burden, even if she is ill. This is my child who has stopped eating, who has been crying to sleep and giving up 20 times a day. This is my child, whose & # 39; best friend & # 39; it emotionally abused so much that it thought it was normal … That is my child, about which the parents of the bully fooled in the social media because it has such a pure heart. "

Sophia had to change school

The school was in these bad cases of bullying completely failed, Carrie & # 39; s daughter Sophia accused of lying. That is why the child has now changed school.

With her Facebook message, Carrie Golledge now wants to shake up and discuss the subject bullying alert. About what bullying with the affected children. By Friday afternoon, the Post was shared more than 280,000 times, lost 240,000 times and received many warm comments. Meanwhile, Golledge has also created its own Facebook page, "Stand with Sophia" (>>> here you come to the page).

Positive news overtakes the mother

Carrie Golledge is overwhelmed by the many positive messages she has received since Monday, the day she placed her daughter's picture. But also worried about how many people have told her about similar experiences as her daughter had to do. Together you fight the bullies. (Lin)