MP LRM Agnes Thill has voiced a lot of criticism in her camp about her remarks about the PMA

Promise campaign Emmanuel Macron, the opening of medically assisted procreation (PMA) for all women causes some unrest among the representatives of The Republic in motion (LRM). The remarks of an elected woman, the member of the Oise Agnès Thill, called for reactions within the group.

In a letter dated Thursday, January 17 to his colleagues from the majority group, Mme Thill criticized the parliamentary report, which was presented Tuesday, and which recommends medically assisted reproduction for everyone. For the member, the National Assembly's mission on bioethics has succeeded "Red line" in some of his recommendations.

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In particular, it believes that to accept in the future review of the law it "Parent of intent" – the parent has no biological connection with the child – "Allow the multiplication of parents", and that the word "parent" "Do not be right anymore". "It follows politically, that this lack of sense of gender in the word "relatively" promotes the rise of Koran schools and the departure of our students to them "says the former director of the school.

"Our Muslim friends, who we know are against this gradual removal of father-mother concepts, male-female (…) do not go out on the street or in the urns, to express their conceptionshe says. But they live by creating a parallel world in the Republic, where things are as they want (…). We do not have Muslim friends of Parent 1 and Parent 2 ", adds Mme Thill, quoted in his letter, one of the experts who spoke about the extension of the PMA, "Jurists"from "Scientific"from "Associations" but also "Masonic".

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"LGBT Lobby"

Comments that were immediately criticized by his colleagues from the majority group. "Tired of a member LRM can make homophobic and islamophobic comments just as free … The post my colleagues and myself receive is a nonsensical carpet that unnecessarily stigmatizes two minorities: in France there is no" parallel "with the Republic », commented on Twitter Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon, MP Allier.

The LRM delegate from Val d 'Oise, Aurélien Taché, asks Mrs Thill to be excluded from the group "Without further delay" : "Stop Homophobia, Islamophobia (…)", he writes on Twitter.

Asked by releaseLRM spokeswoman Marie Lebec criticizes letter "Caricature, as Agnes Thill can be". "People have to put their convictions on the table, it will be a point of tension within the group, as long as it happens in a moment of tension …"she fears, while Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly stated that the PMA will be open to all women in 2019.

This is not the first time that Agnes Thill is the target of criticism within his party for his remarks. In November, LRM had one "Last" time guard the chosen of the Oise "Against excesses" from him "Public statements"after she had claimed that there was an alleged "LGBT lobby in the National Assembly".

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