Mujica on Venezuela: & # 39; If the US has no choice but to intervene, it will intervene & # 39;

Montevideo, Uruguay

The former president, José Mujica He spoke with Carmen Aristegui from CNN in Spanish and he assured that if rationality is lost, "there will be war, and that is what Latin America needs the least".

He held the government responsible Donald Trump to force the Nicolás Maduro regime to "fight".

"What is being proposed is surrender or surrender, there is no escape route, and they still threaten him, and take him to Guantánamo. I do not know anyone who puts the doll to wear it, "he added.

to Mujica It is clear that "if they do not reach a solution because of the collapse of the regime, they will pay the price of a military intervention and that is what we need the least in America." Latina. "

He stressed that Uruguay, faced with the possibility of war, is "not neutral."

"Do not ask them what they can not give, you have to help them," he said. Mujica and concluded: "If we do not go out like Mandela There is war. & # 39;

Mujica mentioned that earlier United States is willing to intervene Venezuela in the context of his geopolitical pulse with China and to prevent the Asian giant from controlling the oil of the South American country.


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