Nadine Morano & # 39; s selfie with Viktor Orban illustrates the tensions within the Republicans

Nadine Morano & # 39; s selfie with Viktor Orban illustrates the tensions within the Republicans

POLITICS – Viktor Orban is a controversial figure in Europe. The species to build walls "anti-migrants" or want to preserve Europe from the "nest of the wasps" Muslim. A predilection for provocation that led Brussels to pave the way for possible sanctions against Budapest and the Hungarian Prime Minister. But for Nadine Morano, & # 39; Viktator & # 39; – as his opponents call him – not impeccable. On the contrary.

"I am always on the side of European leaders who defend the sovereignty of their nation and protect our borders," she said on September 13th on Instagram and she smiled in a selfie with the Prime Minister of Hungary. A publication that intervenes in a complete psychodrama within the Republicans about the position that he must take vis-à-vis a head of state that defends Marine Le Pen for several years.

On Wednesday 12 September, LR members of the EPP in the European Parliament were asked to comment on the fate that the EU should have for Viktor Orban. Although the European Union voted for the activation of Article 7 of the EU Treaty, which could lead to sanctions against Hungary because of the danger that its policy places on "European values", 9 LR voted in favor, 5 abstained and 3 ( including Nadine Morano) voted against.

"In the European Parliament, I voted against the report by MP Sargentini after the discussion was converted into a lawsuit", said the former Minister of Nicolas Sarkozy. But what then is the official line of the party chaired by Laurent Wauquiez regarding the controversial leader? Recently, the president of the Republicans refused the exclusion of the Hungarian prime minister, but did not go as far as to express his support: "I speak with Angela Merkel as well as with Viktor Orban".

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