Nicolas Hulot wishes to return "in one form or another"

Nicolas Hulot during "L & # 39; émission politique", 22 November 2018 in stage 2 of France BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

The former Minister of Ecology, Nicolas Hulot, wants to come back "In one form or another", which "Will go through the citizens"and calls for the launch of a "Marshall plan" to realize the ecological transition, in an interview on the Swiss TV RTS.

Asked about his relations with Emmanuel Macron, he indicated that he "Respect for this man" "Intellectually irresistible" and that was him "Do not get angry". He added that he was initially seduced by the "Disruptive" of the French President's campaign.

"If we decide, we will go all the way"

However, he repeated his opposition to the current policy of the executive power over the energy transition, saying that "Small steps, it's over". A formula he had used when he unexpectedly resigned on August 28:

"We strive to maintain an economic model because of all these climatic conditions. (…) We take small steps and France does much more than other countries, but small steps are enough … the answer, it is no . "

About RTS, the former minister added, about his resignation:

"I wanted to say to Emmanuel Macron, if we decide, renewable energies, we go all the way, agroecology we go to the bottom, the hydrogen to save energy, we go all the way, it's a Marshall plan [qu’il faut]. "

"If you want things to be affordable for citizens, you have to do them on a large scale"he continued, assuring "I have not fought for 30 years to give up".

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"Yellow Vests" and City of Paris

"When I return, I have not completely decided with my foundation, it is to make myself available"added the ecologist and said: "If I have to go back to the promise, I have to do something that I believe in, it will go through civil society, it will go through the citizens".

Nicolas Hulot also compared the movement of "yellow cardigans" with the Commune of Paris in 1871, noting "Disturbing elements of parable" between the two events.

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