Nicolás Maduro makes television series about Hugo Chávez known

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Tuesday November 20, 2018 that a television series about the life of the deceased former president Hugo Chávez, which will be divided in all languages.

"The organization is organized recording of a ranked novel that will contain at least a hundred chapters of the life of our supreme commander Hugo Chávez Frías, "Maduro said during the delivery of the National History Award.

The president insured himself mandatory chain from radio and TV, that the television series "will soon be filming" and that it will be "distributed in all languages ​​for the whole world".

Maduro already had one in January 2017 production about the life of Chávez with total attachment to reality, after rejecting the premiere in Colombia from the series & # 39; El Comandante & # 39 ;, about the socialist leader.

Then the Venezuelan president called that realization "garbage", so he asked to "respond" to the filmmakers of the country.

"We go to battle, they say their mess and their criminal lies, we say the deep truth of a man like Hugo Chávez," he said at the time.

Colombia leads the international pressure against the Venezuelan government, which he criticizes as "dictatorship" in the aftermath of the serious socio-economic crisis that forced 2.3 million people to emigrate since 2015, most to the neighboring country, and to the policy towards the opposition.

the deployment diplomat Bogota has led to ongoing allegations between the two governments and keeps bilateral relations frozen.

the demonstrations to increase the figure of Chávez, multiplied to his death in 2013, even with mystical hues, as when Maduro claimed to have seen him in the shape of a bird after being chosen as his successor.