Northern Ireland explodes possibly with a booby-trapped vehicle

The police are evacuating because of a second suspect vehicle in Londonderry. Politicians have condemned an "act of terrorism".

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A car that may be stuck, exploded Saturday (January 19) in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The police placed a picture of the scene of the explosion in a courtroom on Twitter and announced that evacuations were in progress due to the presence of a second suspect car in the second city of the British province.

"The police are being mobilized at the scene of an incident in the center of Derry / Londonderry", tweeted the police. "We appeal to the patience and cooperation of the public and traders while we start our research."

"Bishop street is closed, suspect of a car bomb, said a previous tweet. The police gave further details on Facebook: "Apparently no one was injured, there is another vehicle that seems suspicious to us, necessary evacuations are in progress."

Terrorist act condemned

Former leader of the province, Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP, a small ultra-conservative party in Northern Ireland, denounced "A vain act of terrorism"she has "Condemned in the strongest terms", while the Secretary of State of the Republic of Ireland has Simon Coveney "Condemned a terrorist attack on the car bomb".

During the Troubles, the conflict between nationalist Republicans and Unionist loyalists bled the British province for three decades, but in 1998 the Good Friday Agreement ended the bloodshed, including the elimination of military checkpoints at the border. .

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