Parliament has proposed to ban the cold: "Introduce a moratorium on the arrival of winter"

With such a proposal made by the deputy Viktor Pinzenik

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The Ukrainian parliament may consider a proposal to prohibit the winter & # 39 ;. For such a joke Verkhovna Rada made Deputy Viktor Pinzenyk, a member of the Budget Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament, a joke for the sake of a joke. According to the parliamentarian, this is an excellent alternative to the moratorium on increasing gas prices.


As mentioned in the publication on Facebook by the Member of Parliament, the authorities should stop misleading the public about the problem of freezing gas prices. The deputy advised the authors of the legislative initiative on a moratorium on tariff increases to reflect on the ban on the beginning of winter.

"I want to contribute to the" moratorium. "Perhaps it is better to ban winter instead of a moratorium on the rise in gas prices (to set a moratorium on the arrival of winter)?" , Writes the politician. In this case, the problem of freezing rates will no longer be relevant because "no gas is needed at all", Pinzenik explained.

The parliamentarian explains the pointlessness of the proposed moratorium by the fact that suppliers of "blue fuel" will still supply it at fixed prices, and no legislative initiatives will affect this.

"We expect anxious gas suppliers from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary or other countries to immediately start lowering prices, and please Ukrainian politicians, it will take a long time to wait and they will continue to supply fuel at the same prices as before. "the people's representative explained his position.

In his opinion, the authorities make the following intentionally unfulfilled promises to citizens, discussing the idea with a freeze on gas prices, but in reality nothing will change.

"Such decisions by compatriots can still be made with bicycles about the low gas prices they have to pay, because the second, invisible part of the gas costs, which ultimately are paid by our citizens, can not be understood or realized by anyone," alternate.