Paul VI. the church changed like no other

Paul VI. the church changed like no other

He modernized the Catholic Church as hardly any other pope. Yet critics are reducing Paul VI. like to be no to contraception. About the councilor who was mocked as a 'pill-paule & # 39 ;.

The world was changing at a tremendous pace and the Church was in the middle of the greatest advice in its history when the elections came down to him. Milanese cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini did not insist on Peter's chair. "Here I am, crucified with Christ," he said at the end of the conclave in June 1963. The path he followed as Pope Paul VI. begun, could no longer be exemplary from the viewpoint of the church. On October 14, he is declared holy in Rome.

"Always polite, sometimes shy"

For the last time at the inauguration Paul VI. the tiara of a pope on his head, the symbol of the papal power around the world. Later he never wore them, and no pope ever put them on again. The reserved man had the perhaps most difficult legacy within the church, which had to be taken over by a pope of the 20th century. At the end of his 15-year reign, the Catholic Church had a different face.


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