Ramsauer leads delegation to Saudi Arabia

"Attractive business potential", "myriad possibilities", "high decision makers": with these properties the German-Arab company network Ghorfa promotes a multidisciplinary delegation trip to Saudi Arabia in January 2019. The delegation is led by CSU member of parliament Peter Ramsauer, former Minister of Transport and head of Ghorfa since 2014.

"Economic relations between Germany and Saudi Arabia have been promising and intensive for years," he continues. The invitation expressly refers to the Future Investment Initiative (FII), which took place almost two weeks ago in Riyadh. "It has signed contracts worth more than $ 50 billion in oil, gas and transportation."

Not a word that the FII was boycotted by most Western governments and companies in response to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. In general, the letter from Ghorfa contains no indication of the Khashoggi affair and the tense relations between Berlin and Riyadh.

The ruler in Riyadh does not occur

Even crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, called MbS, is not mentioned by name. There is only an indirect connection with the successor to the throne, which is internationally suspected of mastering the murder of Khashoggi: "The Vision 2030 continues to stimulate diversification and privatization measures that offer countless opportunities for German companies," Ghorfa writes.

MbS outlined the vision of 2030 two and a half years ago. The plan provides for economic and social reforms under the leadership of the authoritarian crown prince, with the aim of making the kingdom suitable for the future. Khashoggi had sharply criticized the implementation of Vision 2030 for his violent death.