Republican candidate defends voting machines - then he almost fails himself

Republican candidate Brian Kemp is controversial because he wanted to eliminate several hundreds of thousands of people from electoral rolls before the race against his black challenger, Democrat Stacey Abrams.

It is based on a law that sets strict rules on which documents must be submitted in order to register as a voter. Just before the elections, however, a court ruled that several thousand people should be able to identify themselves with a passport or a similar document at the polling station.

Kemp's critics suspect that he wanted to make it difficult for blacks to vote – they tend to vote for the Democrats. Particularly difficult: Kemp is responsible for the election process as Secretary of State in Georgia. On election day, Kemp had to fight himself with problems.

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Republicans initially not recognized by voting machine

As the local news channel WSB-TV reported, the Republican had almost failed on a tuner. His ID card was initially not recognized by the machine, reported a reporter who looked at the vote. However, further recordings show how Kemp still votes. However, there were numerous reports from other polling stations that the voting computers would not work there. Some residents said that there were no power cords for the computers.

Voter Karen Lewis told reporters about long waiting times due to technical problems: "We came here at 7 o'clock in the morning when the polling stations were opened, my daughter and I. Then we were told that the voting machines would not work and that someone had already called, they did not know how long it would take … Finally, at 11 o'clock, they got voting machines that worked (…) We stood for five hours. & # 39;