Reuters reported on the transfer of troops and weapons to Turkey in Idlib

Reuters reported on the transfer of troops and weapons to Turkey in Idlib

Ankara not only strengthens the positions at the border, but also strengthens the military presence in Idlib province. The region is the last stronghold of forces against Assad. Moscow called Idlib "a terrorist abscess"

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Turkey strengthens its position in the Syrian province of Idlib, which is controlled by Damascus troops, reports Reuters referring to sources in Turkey, as well as among the Syrian opposition.

A senior interlocutor in the security services told the agency that the Turkish army strengthened 12 checkpoints within Idlib (three other Turkish sources reported only that the army and the weapons had been led to the border between the two countries).

"We are present there militarily, and as [нас] they will attack, we will consider this as an attack on Turkey, a corresponding military response will follow, "said the source of the agency.

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Mustafa Seraji, called "a high-ranking Syrian rebel" by the office, said that Ankara sent dozens of armored vehicles and tanks to Idlib, as well as "hundreds" of special forces. "Turkish troops in Syria have received strong reinforcement, their observation points have in fact become permanent military bases," he said. Sources of the office in the ranks of the Syrian opposition also reported that Ankara has increased the supply of this Syrian region. According to them, Turkey supplies ammunition, including.

The interlocutors of the office stressed that the attack by government forces on Idlib would cause a humanitarian crisis at the Turkish border.

On Monday, September 10, the media reported on the transfer of Turkish troops to the border with Syria. According to Anadolu's office, artillery in particular was pulled into the border area; Bloomberg also reported on the forces of special forces and tanks. The editions related this to the need to strengthen the borders in case of a worsening of the situation in Idlib, which could trigger a massive influx of refugees in Turkey.

Idlib is the last major enclave of forces against the government of Bashar Assad on the territory of Syria. In this region, the forces of the "Free Syrian army" remain, supported by Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on September 7 with the leaders of Russia and Iran, Vladimir Putin and Hasan Roukhani, to ensure that this Syrian region is not in a bloody lake & # 39; changes.

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Moscow, Tehran and Damascus insist that terrorists hide in Idlib. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the region as a "terrorist abscess" at the end of August, where militants "[держат] in hostages as civilian shields citizens "." This "abscess" must be eliminated, "he emphasized, after which Russian aviation hit the provinces, the Ministry of Defense was mentioned as the target of a building in which militants were hiding, as well as warehouses with explosives and the terror of terrorists, the Russian army also claims that the militants in Idlib are preparing a provocation with chemical weapons.

US President Donald Trump urged Russia and Iran not to attack Idlib and warned of a possible humanitarian catastrophe in the region. In Washington, they believe that government forces are preparing for the use of chemical weapons.