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Dmitry Rogozin said that the cancellation of his visit to the United States is "an episode of the confrontation between Trump and Congress". The head of "Roskosmos" is ready to accept the head of NASA and American customers in Russia to discuss "how to live"

Dmitry Rogozin

(Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC)

The & # 39; ugly story & # 39; with the recall of the NASA invitation should be seen as an "episode of the confrontation between Trump and the Congress", said Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos, in an interview with RBC According to him, the injured here is NASA .

"This is a beautiful Santa Barbara, we are in relations with our partners, guided by the interests of our country, and not by individual politicians The interests of our country are to support cooperation in space, because space does not waste any mistakes and the rules of conduct in space are written in blood, "Rogozin said.

Read the full text of the interview with Dmitry Rogozin on January 10 on the RBC website.

The head of "Roskosmos" emphasized that he was ready to accept the head of the office in Russia, Jim Bradestein, and possible commercial customers from the United States. "For us [с Брайдестайном] now we have to discuss how we will live on, "explained Rogozin.

When the Obama administration imposed sanctions against Russia, the Russian party acted as pragmatically as possible, trying to keep the partnership at least in space, the head of the state-owned company emphasized. At the same time, all & # 39; subsance & # 39; years of & # 39; Roscosmos & # 39; in a partnership to access the US and their partners to the ISS, he noted.

NASA decided to postpone the planned visit of Rogozin to the US

Rogozin recalled that when the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle crashed with a manned ship, we "with our comrades, without thinking for a second, rescue our joint crew as a matter of urgency".

"But what really worries us is the degree of predictability and reliability of partners, flying in space is like going to intelligence," said the head of Roscosmos. In his opinion, the current situation proves once again that the "space outside politics" formula does not work.

"Kosmos is a real policy, and everyone should understand this: both US senators and our liberal economists, who want to save on Russian space activities and admit public statements that discredit Roscosmos," Rogozin said. He added that there are indeed many problems at Roskosmos, but the state-owned company "knows what to do".

"Our budget is 20 times smaller than that of NASA and we are no less imposed, and space is a showcase of the country's technological capabilities," he concluded.

"Roscosmos" found strange statements about the visit of NASA Rogozin in the US.

Dmitry Rogozin has been under US sanctions since 2014 in connection with the situation in Ukraine. In October 2018, NASA's head announced that the White House had temporarily removed the head of Roscosmos from the sanctions so that the official could visit the United States. "To enable Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of Roscosmos, to visit the United States, we have done some work in a number of areas. [временного] O [из-под санкций] so that he comes here and meets representatives from NASA, as well as some of our contractors, "said Bidenstein.

A source near Roscosmos told RBC that Rogozin had planned his visit to the United States on February 20, 2019. "They have already received an invitation and started to form a delegation of Roscosmos, to issue multiple ordinary US visas," said the source. The program included a visit to the NASA center in Washington and a briefing for potential customers in Houston. Rogozin also became acquainted with the "Boeing production culture" and gave a lecture at the university where the head of NASA studied, said the source.

On 5 January Brydenstein canceled the visit of Rogozin to the United States for an indefinite period. The next day NASA's head explained that he was under pressure from a number of important senators.