Russia is looking for supporters of the massacre at the Crimean school

Kerch (AP) – After the bloodshed in Crimea with many deaths, Russian researchers search for motives and possible complicity of the shooter.

With the death of a seriously injured girl, the number of victims increased to Thursday afternoon 20, just like the Russian Ministry of Health confirmed in Moscow.

According to the researchers, the alleged perpetrator, an 18-year-old electrician trainee, had shot at his vocational school in the city of Kerch the day before, and at least one explosive exploded. Then he shot himself down. The procedure was similar to rampage in schools in the US, as in Columbine 1999. For Russia it is the first such momentous incident.

"Yesterday's tragedy is also a result of globalization, strange as it sounds," said President Vladimir Putin in Sochi. "Everything has to do with the well-known tragic events in schools US The head of the Kremlin said that there was not enough "interesting and useful content" for young people online. "That's why they resort to this replacement of terrorism."

Sadness was officially in Crimea. People laid flowers for the victims at school. "The job is to determine who prepared him for this crime," said the head of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, on Thursday on the spot. "Here he acted alone. (…) But in preparation, that is my opinion and that of my colleagues, this villain can not have been alone," Aksyonov told the Interfax agency.

The murder weapon, a repetitive rifle, was obtained legally from the professional students after his 18th birthday, as Aksyonov said. He had provided himself with about 150 rounds of ammunition with a large caliber rifle. The details of the murder weapon were discussed in Russian media reports. The speech was from a Russian production of Molot Bekas or a Hatsan escort from Turkey.

The perpetrator was described by known friends as an inconspicuous loner. It will posthumously prepare a psychiatric report about him, the State Investigative Committee said on Thursday. So far, several apartments of the alleged gunman and his relatives have been searched. The director was interrogated, the interrogation of other witnesses continued. The authority was based on Kerch's first news of an act of terrorism, but now classifies the act as a murder.

The researchers kept a possible extremist background in sight, the newspaper "Kommersant" reported on Thursday. It is less about Islamism than about possible ties with radical Ukrainian groups such as the right sector or UNA-UNSO. You could have turned on the 18-year-olds.

Russia, however, usually blames Ukraine for all attacks or emergencies in Crimea. It was included in the Ukrainian peninsula in 2014 and justified as "homecoming" of the majority of the Russian-speaking region. Ukraine continues to regard Crimea as its territory. With some exceptions, other states also reject annexation as contrary to international law. The parliament of Ukraine in Kiev commemorated on Thursday with a minute of silence from the victims.

The Crimean government released a first official list of fatalities on Thursday morning. Approximately 40 wounded were still being treated in hospitals.