Seehofer & # 39; s invoice: SPD against plans for easier deportation

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<p class=A new law will solve problems with deportations in the future.


The prevailing deportation practice in Germany repeatedly criticizes: too inefficient, too expensive. But even a new law from the Minister of the Interior Seehofer, who wants to change that, gets a headwind. For example, the SPD regards other measures as more important.

The Federal Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, advocates resistance in the SPD with his bill to better enforce deportations. "I think it's far more important to consistently apply existing rules, because new laws are constantly coming up, and the federal minister of home affairs must ensure that we expect him," said SPD house politician Burkhard Lischka "Passauer Neue Presse ".

Seehofer had submitted the concept for an "ordered return law" to the other ministries on Thursday. So in the future it must be punished, which warns victims of imminent deportation. Seehofer wants to revise the Ausweisungsrecht so that foreigners who have been convicted for social services fraud or drug offenses can be more easily expelled.

The President of the Federal Police Union, Ernst G. Walter, welcomed Seehofer's plans. "It should not be tolerated that disruptions of official acts with regard to the rule of law are ordered and investigated without any noticeable criminal consequences", says Walter the "Handelsblatt".

Deportees escape

Trade union official Walter complained that most repatriations were failing at the moment because deportees would be reluctant to gain access from the authorities on the day they would return. This regularly causes considerable labor and personnel costs for the federal police.

The Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg and CDU-federal vice-president Thomas Strobl warned against weakening the bill. "Deportations fail too often because the exiles are too easy to sabotage and cause deportation," Strobl said. New instruments are needed in the instrument box of the security authorities.