Should the Bundeswehr be militarily involved in Syria?

Should the Bundeswehr be militarily involved in Syria?


WORLD-Trend Should the Bundeswehr be militarily involved in Syria?

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Nahles rejects participation in the war in Syria

If there is another use of poison gas in Syria, then Defense Minister von der Ley thinks about retaliation. Politicians from the FDP, the Union and the Greens support this; the SPD chairman Andrea Nahles rejects any involvement of the Bundeswehr.

If the Assad regime uses chemical weapons, Germany can intervene militarily. According to a report, the Ministry of Defense is examining the appropriate options. Should the Bundeswehr become active? Vote!

DThe world is currently mesmerized by Syria. In Idlib, the last major rebel area, the conflict between different parties has escalated. According to the United Nations, up to 30,000 people were expelled after air strikes this month. Russia, Turkey and Iran had not agreed to act jointly against the expected offensive of the Syrian government at a summit in Tehran. According to a report from the newspaper "Bild", Germany could also become involved in the conflict when it came to the use of chemical weapons.

Recently, Turkey, which supports the opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, has not convinced Russia and Iran, as allies of Syria, of a cease-fire in the province.

Shortly thereafter, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, over 150 bombings were reported over the weekend. The Syrian air force threw explosives into barrels. There was shelling with artillery and missiles.


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