Special investigator Mueller has the most important witness against Trump in his hand

Special investigator Mueller has the most important witness against Trump in his hand

AWhen Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, changed sides three weeks ago, got confession and cooperated with FBI investigators, the president was furious. And he praised his ex-campaign leader Paul Manafort. "Unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to fold and invent stories to make a deal," tweeted Trump in the style of a Mafia boss who defended the Omerta law. "So much respect for a brave man!"

Trump and his followers also discussed a possible forgiveness of Manafort by the president to strengthen his opposition to the FBI.

Well, that did not work. Three weeks later Manafort is now bent and makes the Cohen. According to researchers, Manafort made a confession on Friday and admitted that he had deceived the treasury billions of dollars, washed money, lobbied unannounced for foreign interests and influenced witnesses.

Resist for a long time

Manafort had defied the charges against him for a long time and the special FBI investigator Robert Mueller with all legal means to use. After Manafort was found guilty of eight charges in a first trial at the end of August, he did not want to let go of another trial that would have started next week.

The prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison has apparently caused the 69-year-old to give up his stalemate. Now he also collaborates with the researchers, as a number of other former staff members and confidants Trumps has done before.

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In the hope that the judges give him a milder sentence. Part of the deal is the purchase by the state of real estate Manaforts worth an estimated $ 22 million as compensation for lost tax payments. The researchers met Manafort for their part and reported all outstanding costs.

Trump & # 39; s lawyers about mitigation

The team of Trump lawyers immediately tried to limit the damage and keep the president from the events. "Again, an investigation has led to a guilty plea that has nothing to do with President Trump or the Trump campaign," said Trump legal advisor, Rudolph Giuliani. "The reason: the president did nothing wrong, and Paul Manafort will tell the truth."


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