Storm Isaac rains during the weekend

Storm Isaac rains during the weekend

The COE analyzed the path of the Isaac storm during a meeting at the head office last night. Henry Santiago

From the early afternoon of this Friday, the effects of the tropical storm Isaac will begin to be felt, which according to the National Meteorological Office (Onamet) will cause heavy rainfall and wind gusts.

During a press conference at the head office of the Emergency Operations Center (COE), the director of Onamet, Gloria Ceballos, reported that the accumulated rainfall in connection with the phenomenon could reach 100 milliliters to the southern slopes of the country and the mountains. Central. Last night the storm was running at 31 kilometers per hour, with maximum continuous wind of 95 kilometers per hour.

Ceballos explained that according to the trajectory of Isaac, the phenomenon would pass the weekend through the water of the Caribbean Sea.

"The rain will be more concentrated towards what is the southern slope of the central mountains and the areas in the east, southeast and southwest, where the highest accumulated rainfall will be recorded," Ceballos said.

He added that since Friday there will be rain showers, thunderstorms and gusts of wind in the east, southeast and northeast of the country. Moreover, the waves will gradually start to deteriorate in the Caribbean coast.

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