Stormy Daniels opens Berlin erotic trade fair "Venus"

Names like Venus or Donald Trump create great expectations. If both come together in the same place, the importance of world popularity is certain. That's what the organizers of "Venus", the big erotic fair in Berlin, thought when they won the porn star Stormy Daniels for the opening event. As a reminder, only the Stormy Daniels, who had also gained prominence over the porn industry with the claim that she had slept with Donald Trump, moderated his genitals and christened it & # 39; Toad & # 39 ;.

The goddess of erotic love is sought in vain

It is five before eleven o'clock. A podium has been set up at the main entrance of the exhibition center. At their entrance, under a large arc of travertine, some chestnut stars of the erotic film industry emerge. In their turn, kneeling photographers are walking around them. The glamor, which should give the tension in the scenario, is not yet in the picture – in a certain sense he is also in the White House.

American porn star Stormy Daniels opens Venus erotic fair in Berlin

Exactly at eleven o'clock there are exactly two whistles and a few shrieking cries to be silent again. This is not that exciting. Fans or even fans are limited, most of the waiting crowd has press cards around their necks and Venus, the goddess of erotic love, has to be somewhere further back in the building. Some of those present use professional attitude, others use visual and sound technology.

Micaela Schäfer sings the song "Barbie"

Three minutes after Eleven, a pulsating beat sounds from the system. There are four boxes on the stage, from which four light-clad ladies emerge. Among them Micaela Schäfer, Miss Venus 2005. She sings "Barbie", the song, "it's fantastic", with some German Strophentext and Stöhneinlagen. "To take off!" Calls one from the back row and suddenly:

Stormy Daniels is on stage and turns on his own axis, lost in thoughts, visibly unsure, looking for eye contact with someone who can lead them, quickly disappears behind the curtain, comes back, joins the four artists, much safer now occurs. After a short pose for the camera, the five ladies retreat to the backstage. Immediately the first four without Stormy Daniels return to finish the song – and with him the text part of the program. Then they disappear again. A gust of wind sets the flags that occupy the entrance area of ​​the fairground into motion – their clatter spreads demise and gloom. Stormy, the stormy, does not show up anymore. It is ten after eleven o'clock. Venus is open.