Tatito Hernández apologizes to the Venezuelans for the "ridiculous national" of Rivera Marin

The minority spokesman of the popular democratic party (PPD) in the House of Representatives, Rafael "Tatito" Hernández Montañez, apologized to the Venezuelan people today after Minister Luis Rivera Marín said in international media that the humanitarian aid sent from Puerto Rico had arrived at his destination, which the Venezuelan government denied.

"I want to take the opportunity to apologize, on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico, the Venezuelan people because Rivera Marín does not represent us, Rivera Marín and the insensitivity of the New Progressive Party (PNP), which speaks of dictators, but (in) the exercise here they are dictators and abusers, they do not represent the majority of Puerto Ricans, so we apologize to the people and to all Venezuelan brothers on behalf of the whole of Puerto Rico, "he said at a press conference, after a series of proposals that the popular caucus will discuss with the expectation that they will become part of the government platform of the candidate for the governor.

"Hector Ferrer always said: protagonism kills them, I believe that Rivera Marín made a mistake in entering into a strictly private matter, by revealing information about an entity that was organized to make resources available to the needs of the Venezuelan population, which we all support here, especially for the dictatorship of (Nicolás) Maduro, but he has made a national ridicule, "said the representative.

"Let's not forget that Rivera Marín represents Ricardo Rosselló and this situation of this government, which collapses, leaves part of the cabinet weekly, and that the governor, whenever something happens like that, what he does is that he goes from Puerto Rico to avoid confronting the reality of what is happening with his government … We must connect him, he is the responsible, that is his cabinet, that is the Rosselló government and that is a government that is a shame for Puerto Ricans. "


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