Tesla unmanned hit a Russian robot consultant in Las Vegas

A kind of accident of the future occurred at the biggest international trade fair CES 2019 in Las Vegas: the Tesla car that drives unmanned, hit a Russian robot consultant Promobot. The security camera recorded the moment of the accident.

As the Perm developers told them, their brainchild came off the route and drove to the parking lot where Tesla hit it. After the collision the Russian robot tipped and the car continued to move and stopped only about 50 meters from the crash site. The car moved offline, although the driver was behind the wheel.

Promobot, who fulfilled the functions of a consultant at the exhibition, received serious "injuries" from the torso and head. Whether it will be able to resuscitate will become clear later.

This is the second accident with a Russian robot: two years ago he was shot in Perm and the driver disappeared.